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Seabey URBAN FOREST Shell Warm Hand Treasure Mirror s/charge treasure and warm hand treasure mini birthday gift

  • Product Code: 577187140017
  • Zimmerbelegungsplan: 34306
  • $46.41

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Mga detalye sa produkto
brand Urbanforest
Klasipikasyon sa kolor Black Butterfly II Limited Edition,Pomegranate Red 2nd Generation Limited Edition,Deep Sea Blue II Limited Edition,White Jade Bay II Limited Edition
Gross Weight 320
Gigamit nga Scene Daily Gift
Packvolume 88*75*35(mm)

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Product Q & A

Urban Forest City Sen shell mirror warm hand treasure has radiation

A: must have radiation ah, foreign look there has been UL CE, domestic look there is no 3C, no is all tearing, in addition to warm hand treasure, there is warm hand mouse pad, pregnant women use with caution

What's special about the country of urban forest warm hand treasure

A: warm hand treasure, can be broadly divided into three kinds: one is to heat water to heat, that is, we commonly known as hot water bags, with the traditional hot water bags, electric hot water bags save the trouble of adding water, as long as plug in the power supply and so on for 10 minutes can heat, in fact, the water inside boiled, so the general temperature will be very high, One is heated by chemical reaction