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55-inch monitor display 55-inch 4K industrial LCD hdmi HDmonitor security special display

  • Product Code: 520814393886
  • Zimmerbelegungsplan: 875
  • $632.34

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Dapit sa Sinugdanan China Mainland
Panahon sa Warranty Three Years
brand Count The Crown
modelo GS-N551TP

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Product Q & A

What is the connection line for 4k display?

Metro card

Notebook supports 4k resolution, computer monitor supports 2k, then use pen...

Seven days no reason to return, you can also buy with peace of mind. 1, first prepare the laptop and match the interface...

I bought a mini dp to hdmi line, 4K, but the highest score of the monitor...

A: Yes, the mini dp to HDMI connection monitor sometimes only rate to 1920*1080, but directly connect the monitor resolution to 2560*1440 with HDMI interface. The recommended resolution of the installed graphics driver is subject to the standard.

Dual display mode 4K DP+2K HDMI display, plug and unplug 4k DPdp does not display

Support output, with more than two output interfaces on the motherboard is supported; can test each output interface can be lit separately...

Host only hdmi interface, how to support 4k2k display

A: HDMI support 4K@30hz If the latest version supports 60hz but most of them are HDMI support 30hz dp support 60hz

Which one should I use for the interface between the graphics card and the monitor?

The line is connected, too many conceptual things I will not copy here to pull ~ in terms of time order VGA DVI ...

The notebook screen is 1080, but take away HDMI2.0. I am picking up one...

A: It depends on the maximum resolution supported by your graphics card. If it is a high-end card, it is more likely to support 4K. HDIM2.0 supports 4K output.

The display and the graphics card are all right, with DP can achieve 4K60Hz, but...

In fact, so far, the market has been circulating and relatively stable, only DP to VGA, DVI, HDMI, but not yet...

I used a 4k display on my laptop hdmi interface?

A: It can be displayed, but the 4K function of your notebook's graphics card can really achieve 4K picture quality, of course, you need 4K resources.

DVI to dp or HDMI to dp support 4k display?

A: To use 4K resolution, you need monitor support, not only the graphics card to support, but also the monitor support, so there is no need for adapters, because 4K monitors must have DP and HDMI interfaces, and graphics cards are also available.